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MCQS Basic Statistcs 1

This test contains Statistics MCQs of Basic Statistics with answers covering variable and type of variable, Measure of central tendency such as mean, median, mode, Weighted mean, data and type of data, sources of data, Measure of Dispersion/ Variation, Standard Deviation, Variance, Range etc.

Question 1: The mean of a distribution is 14 and the standard deviation is 5. What is the value of the coefficient of variation?

A) 60.4%
B) 48.3%
C) 35.7%
D) 27.8%

Question 2: The mean of a distribution is 23, the median is 24, and the mode is 25.5. It is most likely that this distribution is:

A) Positively Skewed
B) Symmetrical
C) Asymptotic
D) Negatively Skewed

Question 3: Which of the following describe the middle part of a group of numbers?

A) Measure of Variability
B) Measure of Central Tendency
C) Measure of Association
D) Measure of Shape

Question 4: According to the empirical rule, approximately what percent of the data should lie within $\mu \pm \sigma$?

A) 75%
B) 68%
C) 99.7%
D) 90%
E) 95%

Question 5: The sum of the deviations about the mean is always:

A) Range
B) Zero
C) Total Standard Deviation
D) Positive
E) Negative

Question 6: The middle value of an ordered array of numbers is the

A) Mode
B) Mean
C) Median
D) Mid Point

Question 7: Which of the following is not a measure of central tendency?

A) Percentile
B) Quartile
C) Standard deviation
D) Mode

Question 8: Which of the following divides a group of data into four subgroups?

A) Percentiles
B) Deciles
C) Median
D) Quartiles
E) Standard Deviation

Question 9: If the standard deviation of a population is 9, the population variance is:

A) 9
B) 3
C) 21
D) 81

Question 10: If a distribution is abnormally tall and peaked, then is can be said that the distribution is:

A) Leptokurtic
B) Pyrokurtic
C) Platykurtic
D) Mesokurtic

Question 11: Sum of dots when two dice are rolled is

A) a discrete variable
B) a continuous variable
C) a constant
D) a qualitative variable

Question 12: The weights of students in a college/school is a

A) Discrete Variable
B) Continuous Variable
C) Qualitative Variable
D) None of these

Question 13: The number of accidents in a city during 2010 is

A) Discrete variable
B) Continuous variable
C) Qualitative variable
D) Constant

Question 14: Which of these represent qualitative data

A) Height of a student
B) Liking or disliking of (500) persons of a product
C) Income of a government servant in a city
D) Yield from a wheat plot

Question 15: Life of a T.V picture tube is a

A) Discrete variable
B) Continuous variable
C) Qualitative variable
D) Constant

Question 16: The first hand and unorganized form of data is called

A) Secondary data
B) Organized data
C) Primary data
D) None of these

Question 17: The data which have already been collected by some one are called

A) Raw data
B) Array data
C) Secondary data
D) Fictitious data

Question 18: Census reports used as a source of data is

A) Primary source
B) secondary source
C) Organized data
D) none

Question 19: The grouped data is also called

A) Raw data
B) Primary data
C) Secondary data
D) Qualitative data

Question 20: Primary data and _____________ data are same

A) Grouped
B) Secondary data
C) Ungrouped
D) None of these

Question 21: Questionnaire survey method is used to collect

A) Secondary data
B) Qualitative variable
C) Primary data
D) None of these

Question 22: Data collected by NADRA to issue computerized identity cards (CICs) are

A) Unofficial data
B) Qualitative data
C) Secondary data
D) Primary data
E) None of these

Question 23: Population census is conducted through

A) Sample survey
B) Accounting
C) Investigation
D) Complete enumeration

Question 24: A parameter is a measure which is computed from

A) Population data
B) Sample data
C) Test statistics
D) None of these

Question 25: Given $X_1=12,X_2=19,X_3=10,X_4=7$, then $\sum X_{i=1}^4$ equals?

A) 36
B) 48
C) 41
D) 29
E) None of these

Question 26: A chance variation in an observational process is

A) Dispersion/ Variability
B) Measurement error
C) Random error
D) Instrument error

Question 27: A constant variable can take values

A) Zero
B) Fixed
C) Not fixed
D) Nothing

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MCQs from Introductory Statistics

This section includes MCQs from importance of statistics, Variables (Quantitative, Qualitative or categorical) , Sources of Data (Primary and secondary), Representation of data (Classification of data, Tabulation of data, Frequency distribution, Graphical representation of data, Bivariate Frequency Distribution), Measure of Locations (Mean, Median, Mode, Weighted Mean, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Percentiles Deciles, Quartiles), Measure of dispersion (Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean deviation, Variance, Standard Deviation) etc. Visit and Share and donate:
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