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MCQs Basic Statistics 7

This test contains multiple choice questions on measure of dispersion such as range, variance, standard deviation, mean deviation, characteristics and properties of measure of dispersion, absolute measure of dispersion or relative measure of dispersion etc.

Q. 1: Which of the measures given here are based on every item of the series (uses all observations)?
A: Range
B: Standard Deviation
C: Quartile Deviation
D: All of them

Q. 2: In a week the prices of a bag of rice were 350 ,280, 340, 290, 320, 310, 300. The range is
A: 60
B: 90
C: 70
D: 100

Q. 3: In a frequency distribution the last cumulative frequency is 500. Q3 must lie in
A: 275th item
B: 375th item
C: 150th item
D: 175th item

Q. 4: In a distribution of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, the x is 30, the sum of deviations from x will be
A: 60
B: 30
C: Zero
D: 15

Q. 5: The average monthly production of a factory for the first 8 months is 2,500 units, and for the next 4 months the production was 1,200 units. The average monthly production of the year will be
A: 2066.55 units
B: 5031.10 units
C: 4021.12 units
D: 3012.11 units

Q. 6: A contractor employs 20 male, 15 female and 5 children in his factory. Male wages are Rs. 10 per day, female Rs. 8 per day, and children Rs. 3 per day. The weighted x of wages paid per day will be
A: 3.86
B: 8.37
C: 9.21
D: 10.63

Q: 7] Find the median of the following data: 160, 180, 200, 280, 300, 320, 400
A: 140
B: 300
C: 180
D: 280

Q. 8: If x is 4 and the distribution is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, the sum of squared deviations from the x will be:
A: 8
B: 10
C: 6
D: 12

Q. 9: In a frequency distribution the last cumulative frequency is 300, Median shall lie in:
A: 140th item
B: 130th item
C: 160th item
D: 150th item

Q.10: Given the N values in a series, the geometric mean is
A: The third root of the product of N values
B: The square root of the product of N values
C: The fourth root of the product of N values
D: The Nth root of the product of N values

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MCQs Basic Statistics 7

MCQs from importance of statistics, Variables (Quantitative, Qualitative or categorical) , Sources of Data (Primary and secondary), Representation of data (Classification of data, Tabulation of data, Frequency distribution, Graphical representation of data, Bivariate Frequency Distribution), Measure of Locations (Mean, Median, Mode, Weighted Mean, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Percentiles Deciles, Quartiles), Measure of dispersion (Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean deviation, Variance, Standard Deviation). Do remember to visit and share this site
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