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MCQs Basic Statistics 4

This test contains multiple choice questions on measure of dispersion such as range, variance, standard deviation, mean deviation, characteristics and properties of measure of dispersion, absolute measure of dispersion or relative measure of dispersion etc. Don’t forget to share and like post.

Q 1: If mean is 25 and standard deviation is 5 then C.V (Coefficient of variation) is

A) 100%
B) 25%
C) 20%
D) None of these

Q 2: ——– is used to compare the variation or dispersion in two or more sets of data even though they are measured in different units.

A) Range
B) Standard Deviation
C) Coefficient of Variation
D) Mean Deviation

Q 3: ——— is used to criterion of consistency i.e for consistence performance

A) Range
B) Standard Deviation
C) Coefficient of Variation
D) Mean Deviation

Q 4: The first moment about means is always

A) Zero
B) 1
C) Negative
D) None of these

Q 5: Second moment about mean is

A) Standard Deviation
B) Variance
C) Coefficient of Variation
D) None of these

Q 6: If the third moment about mean is zero then distribution is

A) Mesokurtic
B) Positively Skewed
C) Symmetrical
D) Negatively Skewed

Q 7: The Coefficient of Skewness is always zero for ——— distribution

A) Symmetrical
B) Skewed
C) None of these

Q 8: Lack of symmetry is called

A) Absolute Dispersion
B) Relative Dispersion
C) Skewness

Q 9: Quartile Coefficient of skewness lies between

A) 0 and 1
B) -1 and +1
C) -1 and 0
D) None of these

Q 10: In uni-model distribution, if mode is less than mean

A) Symmetrical
B) Normal
C) Positively Skewed
D) Negatively Skewed

Q 11: If right tail is longer than left tail then distribution is called

A) Negatively Skewed
B) Positively Skewed
C) None of these

Q 12: The degree of peakedness is called

A) Dispersion
B) Skewness
C) Symmetry
D) Kurtosis

Q 13: For Mesokurtic curve of the distribution, $\beta_2$ is

A) Zero
B) 3
C) <3
D) >3
E) None of these

Q 14: If $\beta_2=\frac{m_4}{m_2^2}<3$, the distribution is called

A) Normal
B) Mesokurtic
C) Leptokurtic
D) Platykurtic

Q 15: In Mesokurtic distribution

A) $\mu_4 < 3\sigma^2$
B) $\mu_4 = 3\sigma^2$
C) $\mu_4 \ne  3\sigma^2$
D) $\mu_4 > 3\sigma^2$

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