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MCQS Probability 2

This Section contains Multiple Choice Questions MCQs on Probability and probability distribution, Correlation Analysis, Simple Regression Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, Coefficient of Determination (Explained Variation), Unexplained Variation, Model Selection Criteria, Model Assumptions, Interpretation of results, Intercept, Slope, Partial Correlation, Significance tests, OLS Assumptions, Multicollinearity, Heteroscedasticity, Autocorrelation etc. Lets start

MCQS Probability Distribution

Q1: Binomial distribution has parameters

A) Three
B) Two
C) One
D) Four
E) None

Q2: In a binomial probability distribution it is impossible to find

A) $P(X<0)$
B) $P(X=0)$
C) $P(X>0)$
D) $P(0 \le X \le n)$

Q3: A fair coin is tossed four times, the probability of getting four heads is

A) 1/4
B) 1/2
C) 1/16
D) 1
E) 0

Q4: Each trial in Binomial distribution has

A) One Outcome
B) Two Outcome
C) Three Outcome
D) Four Outcome

Q5: Binomial distribution is negatively skewed when

A) $p=0$
B) $p>1/2$
C) $p<1/2$
D) $p=-1/2$
E) $p=1/3$

Q6: In binomial distribution n=6 and p=0.9, then the value of P(X=7) is

A) One
B) Less than zero
C) Zero
D) More than zero

Q7: Binomial distribution is symmetrical when

A) $p=q$
B) $p>q$
D) $p<q$
D) $np>npq$

Q8: In which distribution successive trials are without replacement

A) Hypergeometric Distribution
B) Binomial Distribution
C) Poisson Distribution
D) Geometric Distribution

Q9: In hypergeometric distribution, the trials are

A) Independent
B) Dependent
C) Collectively Exhaustive
D) None

Q10: The probability of success changes from trial to trial in

A) Binomial Distribution
B) Geometric Distribution
C) Sampling Distribution
D) Hypergeometric Distribution

Q11: The mean of hypergeometric distribution is

A) $\frac{nk}{N}$
B) $\frac{N-k}{n}$
C) $\frac{nN}{k}$
D) $\frac{n+k}{N}$

Q12: Which of the following is not the property of binomial distribution

A) n is fixed
B) has two outcomes
C) Trials are independent
D) Probability of success varies from trial to trial

Q13: Successive trials in binomial distribution are

A) Dependent
B) Independent
C) Equally Likely
D) Mutually Exclusive
E) None

Q14: The mean, median and mode for binomial distribution will be equal when

A) $p=0.5$
B) $p<0.5$
C) $p>0.5$
D) $p=1$
E) None of these

Q15: A random variable X has binomial distribution with n = 10 and p = 0.3 then variance of X is

A) 10
B) 12
C) 2.1
D) 21
E) None

Q16: If in a binomial distribution n = 1 then E(X) is

A) q
B) p
C) 0
D) 1
E) None

Q17: The variance of binomial distribution is always

A) Less than mean
B) Equal to mean
C) Greater than mean
D) Equal to standard deviation
E) None of these

Q18: The successive trials are with replacement in
A) Hypergeometric distribution
B) Binomial distribution
C) Geometric distribution
D) None of these

Q19: The mean of binomial distribution is

A) npq
B) np
C) $\sqrt{npq}$
D) $\sqrt{np}$
E) $\sqrt{nq}$

Q20: Hypergeometric distribution has parameters

A) 2
B) 1
C) 3
D) 4
5) No


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