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Multiple Choice Questions from Statistical Inference for the preparation of exam and different statistical job tests in Government/ Semi-Government or Private Organization sectors. These tests are also helpful in getting admission in different colleges and Universities. MCQs Sampling and Smaping Distribution Online Test.

Most of the MCQs on this page are covered from Sampling and Sampling DistributionsEstimate and Estimation, Testing of Hypothesis, Parametric and Non-Parametric tests etc.

Question 1: The sampling Error is
a) Equal to the population mean
b) Population parameter
c) The difference between the sample statistic and the population parameter
d) Always Positive
e) Always Negative

Question 2: The height distribution of a few students in a school is an example of
a) Element
b) Parameter
c) Population
d) Statistic

Question 3: The unbiased point estimator of the population mean is
a) Sample proportion
b) Sample mean
c) Sample Variance
d) Sample standard deviation
e) None of these

Question 4: Bias is
a) Cumulative
b) Decumulative
c) Decreasing
d) None of these

Question 5: The sampling technique in which every element of the population has an equal, non-zero probability of being selected in a sample is called
a) Probability Sampling
b) Convenience Sampling
c) Purposive Sampling
d) Quota Sampling
e) Stratified Sampling

Question 6: If the mean of the sampling distribution is equal to the parameters then estimators will be
a) Biased
b) Consistent
c) Sufficient
d) Unbiased
e) Invariant

Question 7: Probability distribution of $\overline{X}$ is called its
a) Expected Value
b) Standard Error
c) Sampling Distribution
d) Standard Deviation
e) None of these

Question 8: Probability distribution of a statistic is called
a) Sampling Distribution
b) Standard Error
c) Sampling Error
d) Parameter
e) Bias

Question 9: A magazine conducts a survey and asks its readers to cut the questionnaire from the magazine, fill it and send it via mail. It is a type of
a) Purposive Sampling
b) Snowball Sampling
c) Sequential Sampling
d) Convenience Sampling

Question 10: Standard error of mean is the standard deviation of the
a) Population
b) Sample
c) Sampling Distribution of $\overline{X}$
d) None of these

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