Online MCQs Index Numbers

This Post Contains Multiple Choice Questions from Introductory Statistics for the preparation of exams and different tests. This page includes the Online MCqs Index Numbers for the preparation of different statistics and job-related examinations. Lets us start with the MCQs index numbers, which is the first quiz on index numbers.

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Online MCQs Index Numbers

Multiple Choice Questions about Index Number. The test about Index Numbers for the preparation of FPSC Statistical Officer will help you in online preparation for the post of Lecturer, Statistical Officer, and other statistics-related jobs.

  • Construction of Index Numbers follows steps (i) Object of Index Number, (ii) Choice of items, (iii) Choice of Base Period, (iv) Collection of Prices of Items, (v) Choice of Average, (vi) Selection of Proper Weights
  • Fixed Base Method
  • Chain Base Method
  • Composite Index Numbers
  • Un-Weighted Index Numbers which include (i) Simple Aggregative Index Numbers, (ii) Simple Average of Relatives Index Numbers
  • Weighted Index Numbers include (i) Weighted Aggregative Index Numbers, (ii) Weighted Average of Relatives Index Numbers
  • The Weighted Aggregative Index Numbers include (i) Laspeyre’s Index Number, (ii) Paasche’s Index Number, (iii) Fisher Idea Index Number, Value Index Number,
  • Consumer Price Index Numbers. The important steps in the construction of CPI numbers include (i) Choosing the class of people, (ii) Selection of commodities, (iii) Budget Inquiry, (iv) Collection of Prices, (v) Calculation of CPI Numbers
Index Numbers

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