MCQs Random Variables 5

This quiz contains MCQs about Random variables. Let us start with the Online Quiz about Random Variables.

1. A variable (Random Variable) assuming a finite number of values is called


2. If $C$ is a non-random variable, the $E(C)$ is


3. If $X$ and $Y$ are independent random variables then $E(XY)$ is equal to


4. If $X$ and $Y$ are two independent variables, then


5. When four coins are tossed, the value of a random variable (Numbers of head) is


6. A variable whose value is determined by the outcome of a random experiment is called


7. If $X$ is a random variable that can take only non-negative values, then


8. If $X$ is a continuous random variable, then function $f(X)$ is


9. Two random variables $X$ and $Y$ are said to be independent if:


10. A continuous variable is a variable that can assume


11. A continuous random variable is a random variable that can


12. If $X$ is a discrete random variable, the function $f(X)$ is


13. A variable (Random Variable) assuming an infinite number of values is called


14. For a random variable $X$, $E(X)$ is


15. If $X$ and $Y$ are random variable then $E(X + Y)$ is equal to


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