MCQs Time Series 4

In this test, the MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting will help to prepare for exams related to statistics lecturer job,  and statistical officer job tests. These MCQs Time Series will help the learner to enhance their knowledge in the field of Time Series.

1. Irregular variations in a time-series are caused by


2. An additive model of a time-series with the components $T, S, C$, and $I$ is


3. If the origin in the trend equation $Y=a+bx$ is shifted backward by 2 years, the variable $X$ in the trend equation will be replaced by


4. Simple average method for finding out seasonal indices is good when


5. If the origin in a trend equation is shifted forward by 3 years, $X$ in the equation $Y=a+bx$ will be replaced by:


6. For the given five values 15, 24, 18, 33, 42, the three years moving averages are:


7. Value of $b$ in the trend line $Y=a+bX$ is


8. Irregular variations are


9. I multiplicative model of a time-series with components $T, S, C,$ and $I$ is


10. A method full of subjectivity to find out the trend line is


11. The moving average in a time-series are free from the influences of:


12. The equation $Y= \alpha \beta^x$ represents


13. A time-series consist of


14. If the trend line with 1995 as the origin is $Y = 20.6 + 1.68 X$, the trend line with origin 1991 is


15. Simple average method is used to calculate


Time series analysis deals with the data observed with some time-related units such as month, day, years, quarter, and minutes, etc. Time series data means that data is in a series of particular time periods or intervals.  Therefore, a set of observations on the values that a variable takes at different times.

Time Series Analysis

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