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Statistics MCQs Test offering an online test for Statistics MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) for the preparation of different school, college and universities examination to attain good marks.

By attempting with this test you will be able to learn and understand the statistics in efficient way. At the end of each test you can get your results. You are evaluated on the basis of score you achieve by marking each question in test as correct one. It also highlights all question which are attempted by you as wrong or correct, giving you idea about most appropriate answer. Some questions in test gives you explanation about the possible correct answer.

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Muhammad Imdadullah

Student and Instructor of Statistics and business mathematics. Currently Ph.D. Scholar (Statistics), Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. Like Applied Statistics and Mathematics and Statistical Computing. Statistical and Mathematical software used are: SAS, STATA, GRETL, EVIEWS, R, SPSS, VBA in MS-Excel. Like to use type-setting LaTeX for composing Articles, thesis etc.


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  20. 1.Consider the comparision of serum iron levels in healthy children and children suffering from cystic fibrosis.One sample was drawn from the population of healthy children and the other was drawn from the population of children suffering from cystic fibrosis. n1=10, x1=19.0μmol/L,s1=6.0μmol/L, n2=15, x2=11.7μmol/L and s2=6.4μmol/L. please judge whether the population means of healthy children and children suffering from cystic fibrosis are equal or not? Write down the right hypothesis test and procedures.(α=0.05,
    i need help in this question?

    1. A two-sample t-test can be used here. Perhaps x1 and x2 are means of both groups. If so then calculated the value of t-test will be 2.86.
      $t=\frac{\overline{x}_1 – \overline{x}_2} { \sqrt{sp^2 \left(\frac{1}{n_1}+ \frac{1}{n_2} \right) } }$

      $=\frac{19-11.7} {\sqrt{39.019\left(\frac{1}{10}+\frac{1}{15} \right) }} = 2.86$

      where $sp^2 = \frac{(n_1-1)*s_1^2 + (n_2-1)*s_2^2}{n_1-n_2-2} = 39.019$

      We need a table value at the significance level of 0.05 and 23 degrees of freedom, which is, in this case, is 1.7138 (one tail) or 2.0686 (two tail). Since computed value is greater than either one tail table value or two tail table value we will say that the population means of healthy children and children suffering from cystic fibrosis are not equal.

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