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Multivariate Analysis term includes all statistics for more than two simultaneously analyzed variables. The post contains a Multivariate Quiz.

Online Multivariate MCQs

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Multivariate analysis is based upon an underlying probability model known as the Multivariate Normal Distribution (MND). The objective of scientific investigations to which multivariate methods most naturally lend themselves includes.

Online Multivariate MCQ
  • Data reduction or structural simplification
    The phenomenon being studied is represented as simply as possible without sacrificing valuable information. It is hoped that this will make interpretation easier.
  • Sorting and Grouping
    Graphs of similar objects or variables are created, based on measured characteristics. Alternatively, rules for classifying objects into well-defined groups may be required.
  • Investigation of the dependence among variables
    The nature of the relationships among variables is of interest. Are all the variables mutually independent or are one or more variables depend on the observation of the other variables?
  • Prediction
    Relationships between variables must be determined for predicting the values of one or more variables based on observation of the other variables.
  • Hypothesis Construction and testing
    Specific statistical hypotheses, formulated in terms of the parameter of the multivariate population, are tested. This may be done to validate assumptions or to reinforce prior convictions.

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