Statistics MCQs with Answers (2024) offers an online test for Statistics MCQs with Answers Tests for the preparation of different school, college, and university examinations to attain good marks.

By attempting this test you will be able to learn and understand the statistics efficiently. At the end of each test, you can get your results. You are evaluated based on the score you achieve by marking each question in the test as the correct one. It also highlights all questions that are attempted to you as wrong or correct, giving you an idea about the most appropriate answer. Some questions in a test give you an explanation about the possible correct answer.

These Statistics MCQs with Answers in each test are selected for the preparation of different examinations held by educational institutes and job offering-related agencies. All these Statistics MCQs with answers will help the candidates for PPSC Statistics Lecturer jobs, Statistical Officers, Data Entry Operators, and many other statistics-related jobs in industry and other institutions.

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Statistics MCQs with Answers

MCQ Level of Measurement 13
MCQS Basic Statistics 12MCQS Skewness and Kurtosis 11MCQS Basic Statistics 10
MCQS Skewness Statistics 09MCQS Basic Statistics 08MCQS Descriptive Statistics 07
MCQS Basic Statistics 06MCQS Basic Statistics 05MCQS Basic Statistics 04
MCQS Introductory Statistics 03MCQS Basic Statistics 02MCQS Basic Statistics 01

MCQs Probability

MCQs Probability 08MCQs Probability 07
MCQs Probability 06MCQs Probability 05MCQs Probability 04
MCQs Probability 03MCQs Probability 02MCQs Probability 01

MCQs Charts and Graphics

MCQs Charts & Graphs 03MCQs Charts & Graphs 02MCQs Charts & Graphs 01

MCQs Index Numbers

MCQS Index Numbers 05MCQS Index Numbers 04
MCQS Index Numbers 03MCQS Index Numbers 02MCQS Index Numbers 01

MCQs Probability Distributions

MCQs Probability Distributions 6MCQs Probability Distributions 5MCQs Probability Distributions 4
MCQs Probability Distributions 3MCQs Probability Distributions 2MCQs Probability Distributions 1

MCQs Sampling Distribution

MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distributions 10
MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 9MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 8MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 7
MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 6MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 5MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 4
MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 3MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 2MCQs Sampling and Sampling Distribution 1

Estimation Online Quiz

MCQs Estimation 9MCQs Estimation 8MCQs Estimation 07
MCQs Estimation 6MCQs Estimation 5MCQs Estimation 4
MCQs Estimation 3MCQs Estimation 2MCQs Estimation 1

MCQs Testing of Hypothesis

MCQs Hypothesis Testing 7
MCQs Hypothesis Testing 6MCQs Hypothesis Testing 5MCQs Hypothesis Testing 4
MCQs Hypothesis Testing 3MCQs Hypothesis Testing 2MCQs Hypothesis Testing 1

MCQs Random Variables

MCQs Random Variables 6MCQs Random Variables 5MCQs Random Variables 4
MCQs Random Variables 3MCQs Random Variables 2MCQs Random Variables 1

MCQs Correlation and Regression Analysis

MCQs Correlation and Regression 6MCQs Correlation and Regression 5MCQs Correlation and Regression 4
MCQs Correlation and Regression 3MCQs Correlation and Regression 2MCQs Correlation and Regression 1

MCQs Time Series Analysis

MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 1MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 1MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 4
MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 3MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 2MCQs Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 1

MCQs Non Parametric Tests

MCQs Non-Parametric Methods 6MCQs Non-Parametric Methods 5MCQs Non-Parametric Methods 4
MCQs Non-Parametric Methods 3MCQs Non-Parametric Methods 2MCQs Non-Parametric Methods 1

MCQs Quality Control

MCQs Quality Control 3MCQs Quality Control 2MCQs Quality Control 1

MCQs Multivariate Analysis

MCQs Multivariate 6MCQs Multivariate 5MCQs Multivariate 4
MCQs Multivariate 3MCQs Multivariate 2MCQs Multivariate 1

MCQs Econometrics

MCQs Econometrics 6MCQs Econometrics 5MCQs Econometrics 4
MCQs Econometrics 3MCQs Econometrics 2MCQs Econometrics 1

MCQs Design of Experiments

MCQs Design of Experiments 4
MCQS Design of Experiments 3MCQS Design of Experiments 2MCQS Design of Experiments 1

MCQs Statistical Software

R Programming Quiz 12R Programming Quiz 11R Programming MCQs 10
Quiz dplyr R Programming 09MCQs R Programming Quiz 08R Language MCQs ggplot2 07
R Basics Online Quiz 06Quiz R Programming 05MCQs R Vectors Data Structure 04
MCQs R History Basics 03R Language Test 02MCQs R Programming Language 01

MCQs Microsoft Excel

MCQs MS Excel 3MCQs MS Excel 2MCQs MS Excel 1

MCQs Data Mining

MCQs Data Mining 3MCQs Data Mining 2MCQs Data Mining 1

Statistics and SPSS Analysis

R Language Data Analysis

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  1. aoa …..sir i m research student of m.phil stats…… i have an issue in qcc command in r ……. actually i want to draw qcc plot with my estimated s.d …… but failed to find a command for that case …. i shall be very thankful for ur help….

  2. 1.Consider the comparision of serum iron levels in healthy children and children suffering from cystic fibrosis.One sample was drawn from the population of healthy children and the other was drawn from the population of children suffering from cystic fibrosis. n1=10, x1=19.0μmol/L,s1=6.0μmol/L, n2=15, x2=11.7μmol/L and s2=6.4μmol/L. please judge whether the population means of healthy children and children suffering from cystic fibrosis are equal or not? Write down the right hypothesis test and procedures.(α=0.05,
    i need help in this question?

    • A two-sample t-test can be used here. Perhaps x1 and x2 are means of both groups. If so then calculated the value of t-test will be 2.86.
      $t=frac{overline{x}_1 – overline{x}_2} { sqrt{sp^2 left(frac{1}{n_1}+ frac{1}{n_2} right) } }$

      $=frac{19-11.7} {sqrt{39.019left(frac{1}{10}+frac{1}{15} right) }} = 2.86$

      where $sp^2 = frac{(n_1-1)*s_1^2 + (n_2-1)*s_2^2}{n_1-n_2-2} = 39.019$

      We need a table value at the significance level of 0.05 and 23 degrees of freedom, which is, in this case, is 1.7138 (one tail) or 2.0686 (two tail). Since computed value is greater than either one tail table value or two tail table value we will say that the population means of healthy children and children suffering from cystic fibrosis are not equal.

  3. sir A A plz help me how i can find data of child labor of 30 years of world.I have found world bank site but its 2 to 4 years and from UNICEF but not proper data.If any site plz help to find it thanks.

  4. Very nice sir God bless u
    and would like to tell me tutorials of EVIEW software i searched but did not find

  5. Are these mcqs are according to ppsc exams or basic? mean to say these mcqs are helpful for ppsc exam……

  6. I want more mcqs plz help me in spsc for post of statistical officer planning and development department..


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