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Online Probability Quiz

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Online Quiz Probability

Probability is concerned with how events are likely to occur. It is a way of assigning a numerical value between 0 (impossible event) and 1 (sure event) to represent the chance of something happening. The higher the probability, the more likely the event.

Online Probability Quiz

Some of the important probability terms:

  • Event: An event is any outcome or set of outcomes from a random experiment.
  • Favorable Outcome: An outcome that satisfies the event one is interested in.
  • Independent Events: Events are considered independent if the outcome of one event does not affect the probability of the other event. For example, outcomes from Rolling a die and flipping a coin are independent events.
  • Dependent Events: Events are said to be dependent if the outcome of one affects the probability of the other. For example, drawing a card from a standard deck of cars and then drawing another card without replacing the first one is an example of dependent events.
Online Probability Quiz Central Limit Theorem

Probability and its computations are performed in many fields, including statistics, finance, gambling, and even artificial intelligence. Probability is a fundamental tool for making predictions and analyzing data under uncertainty.

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