MCQs Non-Parametric Methods

Most of the MCQs on this page covered Estimate and Estimation, Testing of Hypothesis when the assumption of population parameters are unknown, that is Non-Parametric Methods, etc.

MCQs Non-Parametric Methods List

MCQS Non-Parametric Methods- 6MCQS Non-Parametric Tests- 5MCQS Non-Parametric Tests- 4
MCQS Non-Parametric Tests- 3MCQS Non-Parametric Tests – 2MCQS Non-Parametric Tests – 1

The relationship/ Dependency between the attributes is called association and the measure of degrees of relationship between the attributes is called the coefficient of association. The Chi-Square Statistic is used to test the association between the attributes. The Chi-Square Association is defined as

$$\chi^2 = \sum \frac{(of_i – ef_i)^2}{ef_i}\sim \chi^2_{v},$$

where $v$ denotes the degrees of freedom.

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