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MCQs Chart and Graph 2

This graph and chart (the graphical presentation of data in statistics) MCQs (multiple choice questions) test contains questions from different topics related to graphical presentation of data in statistics mcqs which includes, Frequency distribution (Relative frequency distribution, Cumulative Frequency distribution),  Bar graph, Pie chart, Line graph, scatter diagram step and leaf display etc.

Question 1: In a Pie calculate the angles for each sectors by the following formula
a) $\frac{component Part}{Total} \times 100$
b) $\frac{component Part}{Total}\times \pi$
c) $\frac{Total}{component Part}\times 360^{\circ}$
d)$\frac{component Part}{Total}\times 360^{\circ}$

Question 2: A circle in which sectors represents various quantities is called
a) Histogram
b) Frequency Polygon
c) Pie Chart
d) Component Bar chart

Question 3: A Histogram contains a set of
a) Adjacent rectangles
b) Non Adjacent Rectangles
c) Adjacent squares
d) Adjacent triangles

Question 4: A frequency polygon is a close figure of
a) Two sided
b) Three Sided
c) Many sides
d) Non of these

Question 5: A graph of a cumulative frequency distribution is called
a) Histogram
b) Frequency Polygon
c) Ogive
d) None of these

Question 6: Component bar charts are used when data is divided into
a) Parts
b) groups
c) circles
d) none of these

Question 7: Frequency curve is
a) Asymptotic to y-axis
b) Non-Asymptotic to y-axis
c) Asymptotic x-axis
d) None of these

Question 8: A frequency curve touches x-axis
a) Yes
b) No
c) Some time
d) None of these

Question 9: Decumulative frequency is presented by
a) More than ogive
b) Less than ogive
c) Equal to Ogive
d) None of these

Question 10: In a histogram the area of each rectangle is proportional to
a) the class mark of the corresponding class interval
b) the class size of the corresponding class interval
c) frequency of the corresponding class interval
d) cumulative frequency of the corresponding class interval

Question 11: A frequency polygon is constructed by plotting frequency of the class interval and the
a) upper limit of the class
b) lower limit of the class
c) mid value of the class
d) any values of the class

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MCQs Graph & Chart

MCQs on different graph and charts such as bar chart, component bar chart, PIE chart, frequency polygon, Ogive, cumulative frequency polygon, clustered bar graph etc.
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