Interpreting Regression Coefficients in Simple Regression

How are the regression coefficients interpreted in simple regression?

The simple regression model is

Simple Regression Coefficients

The formula for Regression Coefficients in Simple Regression Models is:

$$b = \frac{n\Sigma XY – \Sigma X \Sigma Y}{n \Sigma X^2 – (\Sigma X)^2}$$

$$a = \bar{Y} – b \bar{X}$$

The basic or unstandardized regression coefficient is interpreted as the predicted change in $Y$ (i.e., the dependent variable abbreviated as DV) given a one-unit change in $X$ (i.e., the independent variable abbreviated as IV). It is in the same units as the dependent variable.

  • Note that there is another form of the regression coefficient that is important: the standardized regression coefficient. The standardized coefficient varies from –1.00 to +1.00 just like a simple correlation coefficient;
  • If the regression coefficient is in standardized units, then in simple regression the regression coefficient is the same thing as the correlation coefficient.

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