This test contains multiple-choice questions from Design of Experiments (DOE).

MCQs about Designs of Experiment

1. In one-way ANOVA, the caluclated F value is less than the table F value then


2. In one-way ANOVA, with usual notation, the error degree of freedom is


3. In one-way ANOVA with total number of observations is 15 with 5 treatments then total degrees of freedom is


4. The assumption used in ANOVA is


5. In ANOVA we use


6. Analysis of variance is used to test


7. In one-way ANOVA, given SSB = 2580, SSE =1656, k = 4, n = 20 then the value of F is


8. In two-way ANOVA with m=5, n=4, then the total degrees of freedom is


9. Consider $k$ independent samples each containing $n_1, n_2, \cdots, n_k$ items such that $n_1+n_2+\cdots+ n_k=n$. In ANOVA we use F-distribution with degree of freedom


10. In two-way ANOVA with $m$ rows and $n$ columns, the error degrees of freedom is


Design of Experiments (DOE)

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