Basic Statistics

Multiple Choice Questions from Introductory Statistics for the preparation of exams and different tests. The Introductory Statistics covered in these MCQs about Basic Statistics are:

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Basic Statistics Test 1

Basic Statistics Test 2
Basic Statistics Test 3

Basic Statistics Test 5

Basic Statistics Test 6

Basic Statistics Test 7

Basic Statistics Test 8

Basic Statistics Test 9

Basic Statistics Test 10

Applied Statistics

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  1. Kainat says:

    where i can find the answer to this quiz??

  2. Nari says:

    Any app

  3. Shefali says:

    1st question answer should be 2.33, i think, plz check.

    • It becomes very difficult to identify that about which question you are asking about. There is seven MCQs Test for Basic Statistics and for online test most of the questions are randomly generated. However, for I traced option having 2.33 from the text MCQs, and found that answer is correct.
      Perhaps the question is related to the standard deviation of 2, 4, 6, and 8. And the standard deviation of 4, 6, 8, and 10.
      If this is not the MCQ you are asking about then it is better to mention the test number and question rather just mentioning the 1st question.

  4. Umesh R A says:

    Question 25. Ans should be “None of these”… since that sum will result into final answer “4”… or question should be corrected.. plz reply if m wrong

    • There was a typo in question which is corrected now. Thank you.

      Next time please mention the test name (or question). It takes a lot of time to search the question just on the bases of options.

  5. Rabeea Arif says:

    thankyou so much. Its really informative webiste. Around 50-60 percent questions in fpsc paper comes from here.

  6. purshotam nawani says:

    Plz email me MCQS for the post of Assistant Director Finance


    this is very important site thanks so much sir g plz or mcqs send me plz mri job ni ho ri important mcqs bejh dain plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Nisar Ullah says:

    great job keep it continue to facilitate learner.

  9. Deebee says:

    If there is a PDF file for this Mcq please [email protected]…thanks

  10. Eshetu says:

    I think it is very helpful to refresh your mind for basic statistics

  11. mitydoss says:

    sir are you sure the answer for test 6 question number 12 is right?
    the measure of averages which is not based on all the data set…

  12. jeet says:

    tnx for uploading these questions.
    Really very helpful and informative.
    BUT sir i have a confusion in a question ….
    if any of the value in data set is zero then it is not possible to compute.(test 6)
    but in given option G.M AND H.M are given and i think both can’t be calculated.

  13. Ali Shan says:

    Very informative

  14. Bianca says:

    This site is so helpful,thank you so much MR Muhammad,I can now final say i am ready for a statistics test

  15. Sajid says:

    Q22 on this of Test 3 “MCQs about Measure of Dispersion I” is wrong . instead of 2.33 this should be 2.58

  16. Hina Liaqat says:

    Good Source of Learning

  17. Syed Zada says:

    sir in test three answers of question no 9 and 22 are wrong pls. correct them

    • In MCQs Basic Statistics 3 test, Q9 is “Lowest value of variance can be” and its answer is 0 which is correct.
      and Q22 is “The percentage of values lies between $\overline{x} \pm 2\sigma$” and its answer is 95.45% which is also correct.

      Please mention the actual questions or tell what is wrong with these questions.

  18. clare o sullivan says:

    i learnt more from this than all my studies on status so far , thank u !!!!

  19. Sharif says:

    Very good website for online test practise

  20. sohaib ahmad qau islamabad says:

    sir really i have impressed and very informative thanks sir for improving our knowledge

  21. Aakash Riaz says:

    Bhai this is a site what I am looking for …….so much helpful for us …… lots of thanks for your efforts .

  22. eshrat says:

    very informative.

  23. abdul Rafay says:

    sir ? checkout query 14

  24. summiya says:

    grt job …hv u uploded mor statistics mcqs
    shr link plz

  25. sher zaman says:

    q#8 of test 3 is wrong according to my knowldge …please explain.i think standerd deviation is not effected by change of origin

    • Your provided reference of question in test 3 is not correct. Perhaps its question 3. Question 3 is correct as it says “The measure of dispersion is changed by a change of” and answer is “scale”.

  26. Raziq Bangash says:

    very helpfull, great job

  27. Hizb Memon says:

    very nice sir@ sir i want to be add my yahoo email can send me your yahoo email

  28. jehangir khan says:

    sir G you have done excellent job but please allow the print and copy of the material from jehangir khan deputy controllero examinations university of Malakand.

  29. sajidiqbal says:

    I like it

  30. Subhan says:

    I need 300 MCQs with answers plzzz Sir Help me

  31. krishna gc says:

    This is very important site ,excellent set of questions ,
    thank you so much .

  32. sanaullah says:

    Dear sir esay acha koi kam ho nahi sakta ki apnay dusro ki muteqbel swarnay ka ya ek bhot hi ach qadam hai

  33. malik sajjad khan says:

    there are mistake, otherwise bigeffort

  34. faheem ullah says:

    Dear sir, it is very important site for student ,also anyone now I m very happay b/c now I will prepared for all test just for lecturer in statistics

  35. divakar says:

    my name is divakar and this site helped me alot in statistics please help me in one more thing also that is please give the solution of eachy and every question

  36. Yasir khalil says:

    My name is yasir khalil and i am preparing my ppsc test for the post of statistical officer tell me the name of any approriate book which is available on internet……

  37. ANIL KUMAR SARMA says:

    This is a Very Greatfull for Students and Investigators . Thanks You all for Online Learning.
    ANIL KUMAR SARMA, Jalpaiguri

  38. khalfan naseer says:

    if there is pdf or ppt file of these mcq’s plz send me on my email thanx

  39. Muhammad Naveed Khan says:

    I am so much happy to take part in your mcqs quizzes or tests, but one thing I wanna show you that please just complicate the questions more and more, for the sake of getting some competitive stuff and much more…

  40. shweta dewan says:

    this site is so helpful…thankyou

  41. I am soo happy when I see this site thanks alot

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    it has helped me a lot……interesting website

  43. m.qasim says:


  44. Dr Fidelis E. Obo ( KSM ) says:

    The questions are very relevant for a beginner in statistics

  45. muhammad riaz says:

    some mistakes in q

  46. waqar says:

    my name is Waqar Shah from pakistan BS in Statistics there i most test of Statistics are qualified and i want to register my degree in other county,
    so if any one body know about it please tel me in details
    like as taken test/exam to register my degree like as Engineer are register with Engineer Council.

  47. Sadam Hussain says:

    I am most happy 😀

  48. Sadam Hussain says:

    it is best test for Students of Statistics

  49. mariam says:

    it is very interesting website and helps me alot in learning well done keep it up 😛 keep working like it

  50. mariam says:

    it is very valuable website and helps me alot in learning well done keep it up

  51. sajjad says:

    basic statistics, test-3 q#7
    basic statistics, test-3 q#18
    plz check above questions

  52. sajjad says:

    some mistakes found plz check and correct

  53. Pavan says:

    So important website…so….valuable

  54. Pavan says:

    Its a very important and valuable website for online learning

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