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Percentages, Fractions, and Decimals

Percentages, Fractions and Decimals are connected with each other.

We often see the phrases like

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These are some examples of percentages.

Suppose, there are 200 students in a college. Let 80 students remain in college to participate in college extra-curricular activities (ECA). The fraction of students participated in college ECA can be written as $\frac{80}{100}$, or $\frac{40}{100}$, or $\frac{2}{5}$. We can read it as 80 out of 200 students participated in ECA (or 2 out of 5 participated in ECA). Multiplying this fraction with 100 will convert the fraction to percentages. Therefore, 40% of the students participated in ECA.

By percent means that for every hundred or out of every hundred.

Therefore, a percentage is a fraction whose denominator is always 100. Therefore, a percentage can be converted to a fraction by dividing it by 100. Alternatively, one can change a fraction or a decimal to a percentage by multiplying it by 100. The following figure is about the conversion cycle of percentage to fraction or decimal and vise versa.

Percentages, Fractions, and Decimals

Real-life Example of Percentages, Fractions, and Decimals

Suppose, you are told that 70% of the students in a class of 50 passed a Mathematics test. How many of them failed?

Number of Students passed the Mathematics test = 70% of 50 = $\frac{70}{100}\times 50 = 35$

Number of students who failed the Mathematics test = $50 – 35 = 15$.

Number of students who failed can be found in an alternative way

\[(100-70)\%\times 50 = \frac{30}{100}\times 50 = 15\]

How to Fix Instagram Story Video Blurry Problem

The quality of your video is too bad after uploading to Instagram Story? In this article, we will tell you why the video on Instagram Story is blurry, and how to fix it.

FlexClip: Fix Instagram Story Video

If you are a longtime Instagram user, you will realize the importance of video/ photo quality on Instagram. However, on social networks, you see a lot of people complaining about topics like this.

“My videos became of poor quality after uploading them to Instagram. There is no problem with the video. Why and how do I fix this problem? ”

Poor quality video on Instagram Stories can occur for many reasons, including Internet connection, app version. Whatever it is, the problem of poor quality Instagram story video is not difficult to solve. Follow the methods below and say no to blurred Instagram video stories.

Ways to fix blurry videos problem on Instagram Stories

1. Check Internet connection

If your Internet connection is unstable, uploaded Instagram videos may be blurred because they have not been fully loaded. While you are uploading a video to Instagram with a poor Internet connection, Instagram will automatically reduce the quality of the video for upload. Try to connect your device with a stable WIFI adapter to mobile data.

2. Try different videos and images

Recovered your phone from a backup? Try a different video or photo. The clarity of photos and videos can change in the damaged backup.

3. Reset network settings

On an iPhone, to reset network settings, you have to go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. On an Android phone, you need to go to Settings> Backup and reset> Reset Network Settings.

4. Adjust camera settings

When your phone is unable to record high-quality video, here’s what you do to adjust phone camera settings.

On Android:

Step 1:  Open the default Camera app on your phone.

Step 2:  Click the Settings icon shaped like a gear icon.

Step 3:  Adjust the image and video size in the highest quality.

On iPhone:

Step 1  Launch iPhone Settings app on your phone.

Step 2  Find Camera.

Step 3  Adjust camera quality and turn on “Automatic DHR”.

5. Picture and video size is not the correct aspect ratio

Instagram limits the size and quality of the photos and videos you upload. If you’re uploading a video or photo that’s too large, Instagram compresses it so your video loads faster. One solution is to not use the phone’s camera. Use Instagram’s camera instead. No cuts and no quality loss.

6. Update the application

When you’re on an older version of Instagram, Instagram Story videos may appear worse. Update it so you can enjoy your new Instagram journey.

7. Adjust Instagram settings

Instagram burns your mobile data. To prevent you from misusing your data, Instagram gives you a setting to keep your mobile data usage to a minimum. This will dramatically decrease the quality of your Instagram feed. Here’s what you do to disable this setting.

Step 1:  Launch Instagram and tap on your profile icon.

Step 2:  Click on the three horizontal lines.

Step 3:  Go to Settings> Accounts> Cellular Data Usage.

Step 4:  Turn off Data Saver.

8. Use a photo / video editing app

Instagram has certain requirements for videos and photos. If the video you want to upload doesn’t meet the requirements, Instagram will automatically trim or compress it.

Lots of video editors like FlexClip help you crop and compress videos to fit Instagram story format without losing quality. In clicks, you can adjust the aspect ratio, video length, and video size.

Moreover, it also gives you other video editing tools for video up-scaling, like transitions, filters, and video speed changer. Last but not least, FlexClip has a ton of media resources that you can apply, including video clips, photos, music, and even royalty free pre-made video templates.

FlexClip: Fix Instagram Story Video


With 8 solutions to poor quality video processing on Instagram stories, you will no longer experience blurred Instagram video stories ! Share this post if you found it helpful. 

RecordCast – Recording the Screen in One Click

Have you ever made video tutorials? Have you ever recorded your computer screen? Indeed, many tutorials are done from the video of a computer screen. This enables Internet users to follow the various steps to follow to resolve a problem or use new software. If you want to instantly record the actions you take in a desktop window without sharing or recording information from your computer, the free online RecordCast‌ Screen Capture tool (RecordCast – Recording the Screen) is what you are looking for!

RecordCast - Recording the Screen

What is RecordCast?

It is a simple web-based tool to record or capture your screen without using third-party apps. All records are processed in the browser, and nothing is saved on the server. It is supported in modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and more.

RecordCast – Recording the Screen is very easy to use, with the essential ability to record everything that happens on our screen, with or without sound. After recording, you can edit the created video, adding text (it has several templates for entering text), images, audio, etc. You can also cut the video and isolate the pieces you want or do not want.


How RecordCast Screen Recorder works

  • Open your browser and go to the service.
  • All you have to do now is click on the “start recording” button in the center.
  • You can choose the type of recording you want, including screen+webcam, the screen only, or webcam only.
  • It is possible to record microphone, system audio or mute audio while recording your screen.
  • After allowing or forbidding the recording, you can make the necessary settings of the recording media available to start your screen’s recording process.
  • You now have three options: select the entire screen, the application window, or the Chrome tab. If you select an application window, the service will show all open windows. If you select a Chrome tab, all open tabs will be displayed in the list.
  • After selecting an app or screen, tap on the record button.
  • After you’ve finished recording, you will have the option to load the recording or start a new recording by deleting the clip.
  • It is available to edit the recorded video in a built-in editor provided by RecordCast, but you need to create a free account now.

In conclusion

RecordCast – Recording a Screen is a great tool for both YouTubers, bloggers, and presentations as it gives you everything you need to make a cool show. Some cool features of RecordCast are totally free, and you can connect a microphone to comment on your video or a webcam, where you can be seen while you are filming.

The only minus we could actually find about the program is that it only allows you to film for 30 minutes now, which can feel like a very short time. However, the program is good to use if you are inexperienced in making screenshots, as it is incredibly easy to use. In addition, the quality of the recording itself is also really good.

Of course, there are other free web-based screen capture programs, but I do not have enough hands-on experience with them to comment on them. Is RecordCast something you can use? Do you know other and better alternatives? I would love to hear what you think, so leave a comment and make us all smarter!

How to Extract Data from PDF for Analysis in Microsoft Excel?

Excel, which is one of the most widely used software solutions for data management could be considered as one of the statistical packages that every researcher needs to have in their toolbox. Although it has some limitations, when it comes to advanced scientific research (e.g. Multivariable regression), Excel is still a highly powerful instrument for basic statistical analysis and data collection. Here we will see how one can extract data from PDF to Excel.

Contrary to primary data, which are a product of your own research and classification, secondary data are often received in a hard-to-edit PDF format. If you want to proceed with your research assignment and undergo your statistical analysis, your first step would have to be to export received secondary data to Excel file format.

A software solution that can help every statistician in this tedious situation is Investintech’s Able2Extract 9. It offers multiple conversion, creation, and editing options to Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, HTML, OpenOffice, AutoCad, and Image, but the main reason for its popularity amongst data scientists is its customized PDF to Excel feature. This feature enables users to convert even the most complex tables accurately, in such a way that the row and column structure in the resulting Excel spreadsheet is the same as in the original PDF table. In the following 5 simple steps, we will show you how to extract data from PDF to Excel:

  1. Run Able2Extract 9 on your computer, click Open and choose the PDF file you want to convertAble2Extract
  2. Select the content in the file that you want to convert. You can choose whether you want to convert the entire document or just a part of part of the page
  3. The next step is to choose the desired output format. In this case, we will choose Excel.conversion formats
  4. In the pop-up window, you can choose between Automatic or Custom conversion. If you want your conversion to be customized by your own preferences, click Definecustom excel conversion
  5. The Customization options offer various adjustments to your Excel output. You can change the page range; add/erase tables and columns or edit the head and footer. Drag the lines which represent a row or a column to adjust its border. It is also possible to adjust column types or to experiment with a variety of row recognition settings. There is also an option to turn on the Show Preview, so you can see how the changes you have made will be represented in the new spreadsheet document.accurate pdf to excel

When you are satisfied with your Spreadsheet output structure, just click on Convert and your document will be instantly saved as an Excel file to the folder of your choice. The output format is *.xlsx, which means that it will be editable in LibreOffice or OpenOffice as well


This easy 5 step guide shows that Able2Extract’s customized conversion function is not only quick and easy but also very useful to everyone who deals with large numbers of data on a daily basis. Whether you are a student writing a research paper or a scientist who wants to speed up the process of data collection and management, you will appreciate this valuable feature, which ensures that each table will be transferred to a spreadsheet with exact formatting.

To test this and other features that this software offers download the free trial version from their website.

for a list of more detailed features visit investintech

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