MCQs Probability Distributions 1

This Quiz contains MCQs probability distributions and Probability and covers topics like the event, experiment, mutually exclusive events, collectively exhaustive events, sure event, impossible events, addition and multiplication laws of probability, discrete probability distribution, and continuous probability distributions, etc.

1. In a binomial probability distribution it is impossible to find


2. A random variable $X$ has binomial distribution with $n = 10$ and $p = 0.3$ then variance of $X$ is


3. The mean, median and mode for binomial distribution will be equal when


4. Successive trials in binomial distribution are



Hypergeometric distribution has parameters


6. Which of the following is not the property of binomial distribution


7. A fair coin is tossed four times, the probability of getting four heads is


8. In binomial distribution $n=6$ and $p=0.9$, then the value of $P(X=7)$ is


9. The mean of the binomial distribution is


10. Binomial distribution has parameters


11. Each trial in Binomial distribution has


12. The mean of the hypergeometric distribution is


13. The successive trials are with replacement in


14. The variance of the binomial distribution is always


15. In hypergeometric distribution, the trials are


16. Binomial distribution is negatively skewed when


17. The probability of success changes from trial to trial in


18. In which distribution successive trials are without replacement


19. Binomial distribution is symmetrical when


20. If in a binomial distribution $n = 1$ then $E(X)$ is


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