MCQs Probability Distributions 3

This Quiz (MCQs Probability First Year) contains Multiple Choice Questions about Probability and probability distribution, event, experiment, mutually exclusive events, collectively exhaustive events, sure event, impossible events, addition, and multiplication laws of probability, discrete probability distribution, and continuous probability distributions, etc.

1. The Normal Curve is asymptotic to the


2. In the case of a symmetrical distribution


3. Normal Distribution is


4. The Normal Distribution has parameters


5. Mean deviation of Normal Distribution is


6. In Normal distribution, the parameters which control the flatness of the curve is


7. The lower and upper quartiles of standard normal variate are respectively


8. Area under the normal curve on either side of mean is


9. The median of the normal distribution corresponds to the value of $Z$ equal to


10. Shape of the normal curve can be related to


11. If $Y=5X + 10$ and $X$ is $N(10,25)$, then mean of $Y$ is


12. If $X\sim N(55,49)$ then $\sigma$


13. If $X\sim N(16, 49)$, then mean is


14. Total Area under the normal curve is


15. Normal Distribution is


16. We use normal distribution when $n$ is


17. Which of the following parameter control the relative flatness of a normal distribution


18. In a normal distribution $E(X−\mu)^2$ is


19. The shape of the normal curve depends upon


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