Subjective Probability (2019)

A type of probability based on personal beliefs, judgment, or experience about the occurrence of a specific outcome in the future. The calculation of subjective probability contains no formal computations (of any formula) and reflects the opinion of a person based on his/her experience. The subjective probability differs from subject …

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Classical Probability: Example, Definition, and Uses in Life

Classical probability is the statistical concept that measures the likelihood (probability) of something happening. In a classic sense, it means that every statistical experiment will contain elements that are equally likely to happen (equal chances of occurrence of something). Therefore, the concept of classical probability is the simplest form of …

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Probability Quiz 2

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions about Probability Quiz, events, experiments, mutually exclusive events, collectively exhaustive events, sure events, impossible events, addition and multiplication laws of probability, etc. Let us start the Probability Quiz with Answers: Online MCQs Probability Quiz

Probability Theory: An Introduction (2012)

This post is about probability theory. It will serve as an introduction to the theory of chances. Probability Theory Uncertainty is everywhere i.e. nothing in this world is perfect or 100% certain except the Almighty Allah the Creator of the Universe. For example, if someone bought 10 lottery tickets out …

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