MCQs Quality Control 1

1. Chance or random variation in the manufactured product is:


2. Variation due to assignable causes in the product occurs due to:


3. To control the quality of a specific resistance of a wire, one can use


4. The chart that are used to deal with the characteristics which are not possible to measure, but can observe as absent or present from the product


5. The chart which is applicable when the quality of product is a discrete  variable


6. Control charts consists of


7. The faults due to assignable causes:


8. The control limits for P-chart is


9. Statistical quality control methods are extensively used in the industrial production process because of


10. Variation in the items produced in a factory may be due to


11. For a normal population probability of any point falling outside the 3-$\sigma$ control line is


12. The control limits for R-chart is


13. Control charts in statistical quality control are meant for


14. The control limits for C-chart is


15. The control limits for $\overline{X}$-chart is


Statistical Quality Control

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