MCQs Time Series 1

Multiple Choice Questions from Time Series Analysis and Forecasting for the preparation of exam, statistics lecturer,  and statistical officer job tests. These MCQs Time Series will help the learner to enhance their knowledge in the field of Time Series.

1. The best-fitted trend line is one for which sum of squares of residuals or errors is


2. The most commonly used mathematical method for measuring the trend is


3. A fire in a factory delaying production for some weeks is


4. Time series data have a total number of components?


5. In the theory of time series, shortage of certain consumer goods before the annual budget is due to


6. Seasonal variations are


7. Graph of time series is called


8. In moving average method we cannot find trend values of some


9. A rise in prices before Eid is an example of


10. Additive model for time series Y = . . .


11. Prosperity, Recession, and depression in a business is an example of


12. The following are the movement(s) in the secular trend


13. Multiplicative model for time series is Y = . . .


14. In the measurement of the secular trend, the moving averages:


15. A set of observations recorded at an equal interval of time is called


Time series analysis deals with the data observed with some time-related units such as a month, day, years, quarter, and minutes, etc. Time series data means that data is in a series of particular time periods or intervals. Therefore, a set of observations on the values that a variable takes at different times.

Component of Time Series Data
Component of Time Series Data

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