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About Me Dr. M. Imdad Ullah

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I am Muhammad Imdad Ullah. I earned my Ph.D. in 2017 from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan in Statistics. The main concentration of my work in my Ph.D. was detection and collinearity and its remedy using some biased regression techniques such as ridge regression and Liu regression. I proposed two collinearity diagnostics in my Ph.D. work and developed three R packages available on CRAN. The packages are mctest, lmridge, and liureg. I also have three publications related to these packages in The R Journal.

I am the Admin and Author of three statistics-related websites (i) itfeature.com, (ii) rfaqs.com, and (iii) gmstat.com.

I taught applied Statistics and Mathematics as a visiting lecturer in different departments of the University. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan.

The following subjects are taught by me.

  • Statistical Packages (SPSS and Minitab)
  • Design of experiment (Practical)
  • Business Statistics (I & II)
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Probability and Probability distributions (Practical)
  • Advanced Statistics (Sociology, Psychology)
  • Quantitative Methods Using SPSS
  • Quantitative Techniques

Publications (About Me)

 Conference Papers:


  • Aslam, M., and Imdad Ullah, M. (2023). Practicing R for Statistical Computing. Springer Nature.
  • Hina A. H., Maryam H., Imdadullah M. and Malhotra M. (2012). Role of Hopelessness and Meaning in Life among Adults. Createspace Independent Publishing platform. ISBN 978-1479187287.

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  1. aoa sir,
    I’m working in r software.I want to write the percentages inside the pie chart’s slices, how to write it.Plz sir reply me

    • You have to use ggplot2 package. An example related to your requirement is:

      region< -c("US","Europe","Japan","China","Others") sales<-c(25000,12000 ,10000,5000,2000) region_sales<-data.frame(region,sales) ggplot(transform(transform(region_sales, sales=sales/sum(sales)), labPos=cumsum(sales)-sales/2), aes(x="", y = sales, fill = region)) + geom_bar(width = 1, stat = "identity") + scale_fill_manual(values = c("red", "yellow","blue", "green", "cyan")) + coord_polar(theta = "y") + labs(title = "Percentage Sales per Region") + geom_text(aes(y=labPos, label=scales::percent(sales)))

  2. Assalamo alaikum sir your website is very helpful but kindly makes some quality videos also and upload them to you tube so that we would learn every topic in depth it will be very beneficial for us. Its my humble request to you please share your worthy knowledge with all of us.
    thank you

  3. A.o.a
    Sir ………..you have done a good job.
    Can you help me in statistics.
    And if you wrote any sort of notes
    On statistics for intermediate.
    Plz tell me .
    I am waiting for your reply.

  4. Hi Sir..
    Can you help how to fix the heteroskedasticity in my papers. I alrdy tried the transformations data & othr remedy but the heteroskedasticity is still present..
    I had use the command in stata like prais yvar xvar1…., corc or vce(robust)..stil the durbin watson test result is very slow–heretoskedasticity is present..

    Can you give any suggestions for my papers please..
    It will be appreciated. Please do response. Thank u

  5. AoA … Please upload some material about T Distribution … and also Differece between about T , F , and Normal Dist MAterial

  6. It will be more beneficial if you give give explanation of the answers along with answer key. still good job and useful for a medico.


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