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  1. Aslamoalaykum,

    first of all thank you for providing a very good platform for the preparation of statistics, I think it’s the only Pakistani website which provides online test on Statistics.

    I am preparing for the Public service examination and I am in need of all these MCQs set in one so I can get it printed, so please provide me the combined copy of all MCQs.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    • Walaikum us salam,
      Thank you for liking my website. All MCQs are downloadable. It is difficult for me to recompile them in a single file. However, I am thinking to create a paid improved MCQs file soon.

  2. Salam Sir,
    I Rahmat hassan from Gilgit student of statistics, Sir i would like to take some tips about FPSC b/c i visit your web page and gain much of information about my subjects.
    Kindly help me sir
    Thankyou Sir

      • Asslam o Alaikum,
        sir would this material be enough for Public service Commission paper ( One paper commission) for Statistical Officer??

      • Sir it is critical important from where we can download mcqs with ans there is not any kind of option. I hve to give my exam and looking for mcqs of stats please send me if you can or if it is possible @ saimanpervaiz@gmail.com

        • For downloadable pdf files, I have to repeat same work three-time. There was an issue of speed and the visitor of the site is interested in only downloading the pdf files, that is not good for my site.
          However, you can easily copy the statistics MCQs for your own purposes.

          Keep visiting and sharing the site. My other sites are
          rfaqs.com (for R language)
          gmstat.com (for general math and stat)

  3. A.O.A
    Sir, you are doing great job….really it is very helpful…..i want to say, thank you so much…kindly check the question # 3 in test 4 related the topic “regression and correlation”….i think the correct answer is option A….the line is parallel to x-axis….but the computer shows option D as right answer…. kindly check it out 🙂

    • W.A.
      Thanks for liking the work.

      Checked the question and found correct.

      The question is related to equation such as y=k, which means that as x increases or decreases, y remains the constant hence line is parallel to the x-axis. One can also say that A line having a Zero Slope is Horizontal.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting

  4. A.A..
    Hope you will be fine. I discoverd your site while I was just looking for SPSS model papers and some helping metrial regarding to mcqs on SPSS. It was a nice experience to see your hard work. It is quite appreciating. Please inform me if I would assist you in this regard.
    Muhammad Rafi
    Lecturer Statistics
    Govt. Post Graduate Islamia College, Gujranwala

    • Its good idea, but initially its better if students appearing in different interviews provide some information about questions asked. Actually I am doing all the things myself. Its very difficult to maintain, run and update a website with unique contents.

  5. A.o.a … imdad sb u did really nice work ,, uploading the statistical software … but i want to say that there is missing basic software like minitab ,,, spss … and Eview

    • I can’t gave download links of registered or priced softwares. I am sharing initially 100% softwares, most of them fulfills our many statistical needs and even solve many statistical problems. For minitab, SPSS, Eview I am trying to write their tutorial rather than sharing there pirated versions.


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