Statistics Data Analysis Project (2021)

The main objective of the “Statistics Data Analysis Project” is to learn how to analyze and interpret the data. All the submitted videos will be compiled into one video file and it will be shared with each participant and different social platforms. The video will also be uploaded on YouTube. All participants’ names and their relevant provided information will be marked on their videos.

This data set contains information on 78 people using one of three diets.  A short description of the variable is given below.

Variable NameVariable LabelData Type
PersonParticipant number 
genderGender, 1 = male, 0 = femaleBinary
AgeAge (years)Scale
HeightHeight (cm)Scale
preweightWeight before the diet (kg)Scale
weight10weeksWeight after 10 weeks (kg)Scale
weightLOSTWeight lost after 10 weeks (kg)Scale

What to do with data:

  • You need to perform possible statistical analysis (data visualization, descriptive, and inferential) on this data using any statistical software.
  • You may check statistical assumptions for data and different inferential tests.
  • You may create new variables or recode the variables to perform different statistics.
  • You also need to briefly describe the results obtained.
  • You may record your audio for explanation purposes or may insert text using and text editor.
  • For audio recording you may use your local language too, however preference is Urdu or English language.
Statistics Data Analysis Project

What will you learn:

  1. You will learn the use of different statistical software with a live demonstration of the procedure
  2. You will learn how to perform the required statistical analysis on different types of data sets or variables.
  3. You will learn how to interpret the results.
  4. You will learn what must be done before performing any statistical analysis
  5. You may also learn how to report or publish your results.

Statistics Data Analysis Project Requirements

  1. You need to record the video of whatever you do with data. For example, import of data file, setting of variable properties, step-by-step procedure of performing any required statistical analysis (such as descriptive statistics, t-test, and possible graphs, etc.)
  2. Each participant will submit only one file.
  3. For video recording, you can use any screen recording software. You can use ‘Sharex’ or ‘apowersoft’ screen recorder software’ too.
  4. The total time of video must not exceed 10 minutes.
  5. The file type should be mp4 with H.264/ H.265
  6. The resolution may be ‘640 x 480’, ‘1280 x 720’, and 1920 x 1080’
  7. You will email me (at the Google Drive or Dropbox link of your ‘screen recorded video’ file.
  8. For help with Statistical Software, you can visit:

Who Should Participate:
Any student, researcher, or teacher of Statistics

Download Data File:

Note: The pure objectivity of the “Statistics Data Analysis Project” is to promote the subject of Statistics in Pakistan.

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