How to Split Data File in SPSS?

In SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) split file option lets the user to splits the data into separate groups for analysis based on the values of one or more grouping variables. If user select multiple grouping variables, the cases are grouped by each variable within categories of the preceding variable on the groups based on list. Let us learn about the step-by-step procedure to Split Data file in SPSS.

How to Split Data File in SPSS

Suppose you want to take the separate mean of male and female (groups/ categories from gender variable) then one may use split file option.

  • First Open the data file you want to split.
  • Second, from the menu bar, click the Data Menu and then Split File Option (Data -> Split File)
Split Data File in SPSS Menu

The following dialog box “Split File” will appears. Click on the radio button title “Organize output by Groups” after clicking the Grouping variable from left pan.

Split File in SPSS Dialog Box Options
  • Select the Gender Varaible (or the grouping variable you want to split) in the dialog box at the left pan and clikc on the arrow at the “Groups based on” box.
Split File in SPSS
  • Click the OK button. Now, subsequent analyses will reflect the split.
  • The data in data windows will be logical splitted. One can run requierd descriptive and inferential analsysi of the splitted data.

Split File Off

  • The most important point is to get back to ‘normal’ where the data are not split, go back to Data/Split Files… and select the option ‘Analyze All cases.’
  • Press OK. It will show SPLIT FILE OFF. Then you can get back output of data without splitting the files.

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