Interpretation of Regression Coefficients

Interpretation of Regression Coefficients in Multiple Regression

In multiple regression models, for the interpretation of regression coefficients, case, the unstandardized multiple regression coefficient is interpreted as the predicted change in $Y$ (i.e., the dependent variable abbreviated as DV) given a one-unit change in $X$ (i.e., the independent variable abbreviated as IV) while controlling for the other independent variables included in the equation.

Interpretation of Regression Coefficients in Multiple Regression
  • The regression coefficient in multiple regression is called the partial regression coefficient because the effects of the other independent variables have been statistically removed or taken out (“partially out”) of the relationship.
  • If the standardized partial regression coefficient is being used, the coefficients can be compared for an indicator of the relative importance of the independent variables (i.e., the coefficient with the largest absolute value is the most important variable, the second is the second most important, and so on.)

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