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Multiple Choice Questions from Statistical Inference for the preparation of exam and different statistical job tests in Government/ Semi-Government or Private Organization sectors. These tests are also helpful in getting admission in different colleges and Universities.

Most of the MCQs on this page are covered from Sampling and Sampling DistributionsEstimate and Estimation, Testing of Hypothesis, Parametric and Non-Parametric tests etc.
Q1: Non Sampling error is reduced by

a) Increasing Sample Size
b) Decreasing Sample Size
c) Reducing Amount of Data
d) None of these

Q2: Any numerical value calculated from sample data is called

a) Error
b) Statistic
c) Bias
d) Mean
c) Standard Deviation

Q3: Sample is subset of

a) Data
b) Group
c) Population
d) Itself
e) Distribution

Q4: Non Probability form of sampling is

a) Random Sampling
b) Non Random Sampling
c) Probability Sampling
d) Quota Sampling

Q5: In sampling with replacement a sampling unit can be selected

a) Only once
b) More than one time
c) Less than one time
d) Non of above

Q6: Sampling in which a sampling unit can be repeated more than once is called

a) Sampling without replacement
b) Simple sampling
c) Sampling with replacement
d) None of above

Q7: Standard deviation of sampling distribution of any statistic is called

a) Sampling Error
b) Type-I Error
c) Non Sampling Error
d) Standard Deviation
e) Standard Error

Q8: Any numerical value computed from population is called

a) Statistic
b) Bias
c) Sampling Error
d) Error
e) Parameter

Q9: The list of all units in a population is called

a) Random sampling
b) Sampling Frame
c) Bias
d) Parameter
e) Statistic

Q10: The difference between statistic and parameter is called

a) Random Error
b) Sampling Error
c) Standard Error
d) Bias
e) Error

Q11: In random sampling, the probability of selecting an item from the population is

a) Unknown
b) Known
c) Undecided
d) One
e) Zero

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